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As every year the TTO is organizing the MINTT course on managing innovation and technology transfer open for Phd, students but also external attendees. If you are interested don't hesitate to apply on the following page:


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Plasma Acoustic Meta-layers: A New Frontier in Noise Reduction



Technology transfer in action


From EPFL Lab to Everyday Life: A chat with Mark Donaldson, CEO of Sonexos, on revolutionizing Noise Control.

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Featured news

  • ONWARD Medical Raises €20 Million
    ONWARD Medical, a medtech company, has raised €20 million through private and public offerings for its pioneering spinal cord stimulation therapies.The funding will help with product development, getting the US launch ready, infrastructure, and working capital. 
  • Mintt Course
    Management of Innovation and Technology Transfer (mintt) course purpose is to provide PhD students at EPFL with accelerated training in invention management, assessment of the potential, intellectual property rights elaboration, license negotiation, startup option evaluation and experience integrating academic results into industrial processes and markets.The deadline to submit your application is April 28, 2024.
  • Pristem affordable radiology thrives in South Africa
    Pristem's South African subsidiary has opened its first affordable radiology centre in Alexandra, which has been well received by officials, doctors and patients. With quick 35-minute diagnostic reports, it aims to provide quality healthcare to underserved areas. Expansion plans include a second centre in Soweto and 40-50 centres across South Africa in two years, with eyes on other African markets, supported by teams in Switzerland and South Africa.
  • Alithea Genomics eyes the US market after closing seed round
    Alithea Genomics has completed a seed extension round, with the backing of Novalis Biotech Acceleration fund. It has secured CHF 2.8 million ($3.2 million) in funding, which will be used to fuel commercialisation efforts and expand manufacturing capacity for its RNA sequencing products. Alithea is a specialist in large-scale RNA sequencing and offers streamlined solutions like BRB-seq and DRUG-seq to cut costs and boost efficiency.  
  • USD 5.5 milion for Odne's US market launch
    Swiss dental startup Odne has secured USD 5.5 million in funding for its Root Preservation Technology (RPT) following FDA approval of OdneFill and OdneCure solutions. Revere Partners and NV Capital led the Series A1 round, which included Dental Innovation Alliance, Züricher Kantonalbank, and others. The investment will help launch the US market in 2024 and target over 15 million annual root canal treatments.  

  • Wingman Ventures debuts new name and $120 million Fund II
    Wingman Ventures rebrands as Founderful, securing $85 million for their second fund aimed at backing Swiss tech startups. Founded by industry veterans, they focus on B2B software and industrial tech, already supporting eight startups in 2023. The rebrand highlights their founder-centric approach, seeking mission-driven teams with global ambitions.
  • Fresh funding to promote sustainable construction
    MeduSoil secures funds to boost production and sales in Europe. With $5.2 million raised, including equity, debt, and grants, they plan to expand their biomineral-based binder products for construction. 







Latest licensing opportunities

  • Mutant Aerolysin for nanopore sensing
    Aerolysin nanopore mutants with enhanced interaction properties, offering improved molecule selectivity and single-molecule sensing capabilities for DNA sequencing and proteomic analysis.

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Startup Champions Seed Night 2024

Forum Rolex Learning Center: 25.04.2024


Tech4Eva Opening Conference 2024

Bern or online: 13.05.2024


La Forge Incubator DemoDay

EPFL Innovation Park: 14.05.2024


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