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New directorship of the College

  • Prof. Rüdiger Fahlenbrach appointed new director

On August 1st 2022, Prof. Fahlenbrach took over as the new director of EPFL’s College of Management of Technology, succeeding to Prof. Foray, who had held the position since 2018. Read more...




The College helps you understand the news

  • The days of the generalist are gone. Long live the specialist!

In science, specialization pays off – at least when it comes to career impact. That’s the finding of Prof. Gaétan de Rassenfosse and co-authors Kyle Higham and Orion Penner who looked specifically at this subject.. Read the full article...

  • Going Beyond GDP: The Swiss Green Domestic Product

A new white paper on the Green Domestic product has been published by the Enterprise for Society Center (E4S) proposing a novel indicator integrating the depletion of natural, social, and human capital. Read the full article...




Research impact

  • Optimizing assortment in omnichannel environments

PhD student Andrey Vasilyev and Prof. Ralf Seifert have a new article published in the European Journal of Operatational Research (EJOR) entitled "Assortment Optimization Using an Attraction Model in an Omnichannel Environment".... Read more...

  • Determining the Endogeneity of Markets for Cryptocurrencies

Dr. Michael Mark and Prof. Thomas Weber’s research on “Quantifying Endogeneity of Cryptocurrency Markets,” published in the current issue of the European Journal of Finance, examines the volatility of markets for cryptocurrencies, which is well-known to far exceed that of markets for traditional asset classes such as stocks and bonds. Read more...


  • The possible impact of debt on innovation and growth

Prof. Erwan Morellec's publication "Can Corporate Debt Foster Innovation and Growth" in the Review of Financial Studies suggest that the relation between debt and investment is more complex than previously acknowledged and highlights potential limitations of empirical work that focuses solely on incumbents when measuring the effects of debt on investment. Read more...

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Education news



Cutting carbon emissions upstream and downstream

MTE Student Clara Grandry completed an internship at Tetra Pak for her Master project where she worked in the supply-chain department to help reduce the indirect carbon emissions associated with the company’s suppliers.


Welcome to our new EPFL EMBA class of 2023!

The new cohort of the EPFL EMBA program started successfully their journey towards harnessing innovation and obtaining an EMBA.


Congratulations to our new MFE and MTE graduates!

24 students of the Master in Financial Engineering (MFE) and 35 students of the Master in Management, Technology & Entrepreneurship (MTE) were awarded their diplomas in the company of professors, industry partners, families and friends on October 1st, 2022.


Swiss Life Award and BCV Award for Academic Excellence 2022

Riccardo Fradiani, Marti Fernandez-Real and Martin Bohdal, all graduating Master students from the Financial Engineering program received an Award for Academic Excellence



Awards & fellowship

  • Best AFFI Conference Paper Award for Erwan Morellec. Read more...

  • Best Paper Award at the 2022 Hong Kong Conference for Fintech, AI, and Big Data in Business for Damir Filipovic & Semyon Malamud. Read more...

  • Friedrich Wilhelm Bessel Research Award for Daniel Kuhn in recognition of his outstanding accomplishments in research. Read more...

  • INFORMS ENRE Student Best Paper Award 2022 for Dirk Lauinger. Read more...

  • INFORMS Optimization Society Student Paper Award for Bahar Taskesen. Read more...

  • Kilian Schindler Excellence Award for Michael Mark & EDMT Thesis Distinction for Dirk Lauinger. Read more...

  • Daniel Kuhn named INFORMS Fellow.



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