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  • Gender effect of the COVID-19 pandemic in the Swiss labor market

The latest publication published in the Swiss Journal of Economics and Statistics by Prof. Luisa Lambertini, Corinne Dubois & Yu Wu explores the impact of the Covid pandemic on the gender gap in the Swiss labor Market... Read the full article...

  • Impact of the war on Ukrainian scientists

 Prof. Gaétan de Rassenfosse has been conducting a survey jointly with Prof. Tetiana Murovana and Dr. Wolf-Hendrick Uhlbach on how the war in Ukraine has affected Ukrainian scientists... Read the full article...





  • Finance & Technology Conference on Decentralized Finance

During the conference, different speakers shed light on what works and what doesn't work in DeFi and how to build trust in it... Read more...

  • EPFL Open doors

The Open Days were a resounding success with over 25,000 people attending over the week-end, enjoying a unique opportunity to learn more about the School’s research and its joint initiatives with other organizations... Read more...

  • E4S: Showcase 2030: Summit on sustainable innovation

The event welcomed industry leaders, researchers, startups, investors, international organizations and foundations who gave in-depth and insightful talks from leading impact experts, to hands-on masterclasses and a sustainable solutions exhibition... Read more...



Research impact

  • Giving up patent rights can accelerate innovation

A recent study published in Research Policy, examines the effects of patent pledges on innovation. Patent pledges are voluntary commitments made by patent holders to limit the enforcement of their patents... Read more...

  • The Virtue of Complexity in Return Prediction

A forthcoming article by Prof. Semyon Malamud in the Journal of Finance argues that simple market return models severely understate return predictability compared to "complex" models in which the number of parameters exceeds the number of observations... Read more...


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Education news



"The MTE created a bridge between engineeers and industry"

MTE Student Chloé Carrière tells us why the Master in Management, Technology and Entrepreneurship has given her new professional perspectives in the space industry.


Deloitte OES Prize for Optimizing Artisanal Ice Cream Store

The Deloitte OES Prize competition, which involves finding operational improvements in local businesses awarded a group of students for its 10th anniversary.


New CAS in Value Chain Data Technologies

This new CAS is a crucial program that enables the realization of circular economies and resilient value chains by harnessing the power of data. It equips participants with the necessary skills to navigate complex systems, take decisive action swiftly and adapt with agility.


Prototyping Sports Tech: Enhancing Performance and Sustainability

Students across many disciplines at EPFL tackled prototyping challenges at the intersection of sports and technology


Learning about the economy: effort and satisfaction are key

Bachelor students are increaslingly eager to follow the College's courses in management & finance in the humanities and social sciences program (SHS)


Teaching FinTech at EPFL

A groundbreaking new FinTech program was launched by the Executive Education unit at EPFL primarily targeting executives in the banking sector.



Awards & scholarships

  • Prestigious Brattle Group Prize for Prof. Andreas Fuster. Read more...

  • Anna Gamberoni, Master student in Financial Engineering, first EPFL student to have benefited from the "Women in Finance" scholarship. Read more...

  • PhD Urban Ulrych won the PLEXUS Artificial Intelligence Award. Read more...



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Value Chain Data Technologies

CAS - October 2023



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Management in Life Sciences

CAS - January 2024


Circular Value Networks

CAS - January 2024


Resilient Value Chain Management

CAS - March 2024