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  • The energy transition will require popular supports

To achieve a decarbonized world, clean energy sources will have to be widely adopted – yet there’s a range of obstacles in the way. A number of EPFL researchers are studying these obstacles and mapping out strategies for getting past them. Read the full article...

  • Ukraine has lost 18% of its scientists due to the war

18% of Ukraine’s scientists have fled due to the war and research capacity is down 20%, according to EPFL researchers in a study where they urge stakeholders to plan future policies to ensure the return of talent for rebuilding Ukraine. Read the full article...




20th anniversary - Where are our Alumni now?

In honor of our 20th anniversary, the College of Management of Technology has initiated a tribute by connecting with our Alumni across our various educational programs to discover and learn about their professional journeys. Read more...


Enterprise for Society Center - E4S Annual Summit

The E4S Annual Summit took place last January and focused on two pivotal themes that hold the key to driving systemic change within organizations and across the real economy: Sustainable Finance and Purpose-Driven Governance. Read more and watch the event...




Research impact

  • The impact of patent disclosure on follow-up inventions

A new study titled "Do patents enable disclosure? Evidence from the Invention Secrecy Act" by Prof. Gaétan de Rassenfosse delves into the complex relationship between patent secrecy and knowledge dissemination. Read the full article...

  • Two new publications in Finance

Dr. Urban Ulrych has published 2 new articles in major finance journals, the Journal of Portfolio Management & Quantitative Finance. Read the full article...

  • Robust pricing when the demand curve is unknown

When trying to price a new product a firm may have only a vague idea about the demand it is facing. In fact, many demand curves may be plausible. Prof. Weber’s forthcoming research paper on “Robust Monopoly Pricing with Unknown Demand” addresses this problem when the firm’s unknown demand may be nonlinear. Read the full article...


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Education news



Eco-mouse wins student prize of innovation and entrepreneurship

In the fifth anniversary edition of the graduate course “Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Engineering,” students across many disciplines at EPFL tackled prototyping challenges related to the development of energy-efficient devices.


Meet Dr. Andrea Dunbar, the first Professor of Practice at EPFL

This new teaching position is awarded to an individual from the private or public sector to build bridges between professional and academic life.


Executive Education in Sustainable Resilient Value Chains

A new portfolio of CAS is being offered to address the needs of stakeholders working in Value Chain transformational projects at strategic and operational levels.


Leading with Technology in Finance

This 5-day program allows to acquire insights from industry experts and renowned EPFL professors on the cutting-edge technologies transforming financial services. Followed by workshops on strategic implementation this program allows participants to become ambassadors of change within their organisation.


EDMT Research Day

The 2024 Research Day of our Doctoral program in Management of Technology (EDMT) was an outstanding success, where our talented PhD students presented their research to their peers and to the faculty.


Managing Innovation in the Era of Data & AI

A new interactive short executive course tailored for Managers and Executives aiming to leverage the opportunities presented by Data and AI revolution in their business.



Grants & scholarships

  • New SNSF grant for Prof. Michaël Aklin on Clean Energy transition. Read more...

  • Prof. Andreas Fuster was awarded a SNSF grant for his project entitled "Response of Debtors to Rate Changes". Read more...

  • News SNSF grant on Financial Economics for Prof. Semyon Malamud. Read more...

  • Mikail Durrani, Master student in Financial Engineering won the "Realstone Sustainable Scholarship". Read more...

  • Phase 2 of the NCCR Automation grant Prof. Negar Kiyavash & Prof. Daniel Kuhn... Read more...



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Seminars in Finance

Seminars in Management of Technology and Entrepreneurship

REGIS - REading Group in Innovation Studies

Enterprise for Society Center



Executive education & upcoming programs



Gain a higher level of business innovation knowledge and bring value to you & your organization.

Executive Master
Starting in August 2024


Value Chain Data Technologies

Learn how to select and implement Data Tech to enable sustainable resilient value chain, and leverage AI, the IoT, digital twins and cybersecurity for end to end connected operations

CAS-Certificate of Advanced Studies
Starting in September 2024


Managing Innovation in the Era of Data & AI

Acquire the expertise and tools needed to turn Data and AI uncertainty into a strategic advantage

Short executive course
September 2024


Leading with Technology in Finance

Master the tools to successfully implement innovations and be part of the digital transformation strategy in your company.

Short executive course
October 2024


Management in Life Sciences

Explore the entire development process of therapeutic interventions in the biotech and medtech fields, from initial planning all the way to commercialization.

CAS-Certificate of Advanced Studies
Starting in January 2025


Circular Value Networks

Obtain the tools you need to lead sustainable operations & supply chain transformation and focus on the power of responsible procurement and circular economy.

CAS-Certificate of Advanced Studies

Starting in January 2025