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The EPFL Center for Imaging started officially its activities this spring to promote collaborations and cross-fertilization between the EPFL's imaging labs and further strengthen EPFL’s position as a world-leading institution in imaging science.


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Newsletter #1 - July 2021





The Center for Imaging pools the know-how of five EPFL Schools



The only one of its kind in Switzerland, the EPFL Center for imaging pools the imaging expertise that is currently housed at nearly a hundred laboratories in five EPFL schools. Its mission is to facilitate cross-disciplinary research in the field and anchor EPFL’s position at the cutting edge of imaging technology for research applications.

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for Interdiscplinary Projects in Imaging

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The Center for Imaging is launching a series of grants to support collaborative projects aimed at advancing imaging technology at EPFL.

Deadline 1 Sept 2021 (17:00 CET)

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News from EPFL's Imaging Community


The secrets of a material's structure - STI scientists have made an important discovery about the structure of barium titanate. Their findings refute existing theories on the displacement of the material’s atoms. Full article.


Green light on gold atoms - SB scientists discovered that laser-driven rearrangement of just a few gold atoms inside nanoscale antennas can be observed by the naked eye. Full Article.


Machine-learning improves the prediction of stroke recovery - SV An international team of scientists led by EPFL has developed a system that combines information from the brain’s connectome and machine learning to assess and predict the outcome of stroke victims. Full Article.


Artificial intelligence speeds land-use classification - An ENAC Master’s student has shown that artificial intelligence can be used to further automate the process of land-use classification in Switzerland. Full Article.




Meet the Imaging Labs #1


Imaging in Prof. John Kolinski’s research




This new video series presents the actors in imaging at EPFL. It will give you an insight into the role imaging plays in their research field, and how they view the impact of EPFL’s imaging community on their own work. 


Our first guest is Prof. John Kolinski, Head of the Engineering Mechanics of Soft Interfaces Laboratory. In this video, you’ll discover how his lab uses imaging to understand the way things break, how dry things become wet, and how wet things become dry.



Interdisciplinary student project


“I was lucky to have found this project, along with the right people.”


Master’s student in computer science, Quentin Juppet has just published a paper on life sciences as the study’s lead author. With a cross-disciplinary team of biologists, engineers and computer scientists, they developed an algorithm that permits to distinguish mouse cells from human ones in a tissue sample. Their work has useful applications in the field of cancer research. Full Article





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Image Analysis Breakfasts


Imaging technology is progressing rapidly, and it is becoming increasingly challenging for non-experts to stay up-to-date with the latest developments in image analysis. To provide EPFL’s imaging community with additional support in image analysis, the EPFL Center for Imaging is running a series of bi-monthly Image Analysis Breakfasts. These data-centered meetings provide participants with a precious chance to discuss all kinds of image-analysis questions with a team of volunteer EPFL imaging experts.

More information and registration here


Seminar Series. Learn from the best.


Listen to world-renowned experts in imaging and learn about the key trends, opportunities and challenges in the field. Dates for the fall session's talks are coming soon. Stay updated.


Watch the talks of the 2021 spring session :


Harald Hess, from Janelia Research Campus, on 3D Imaging of Cells by FIBSEM with Correlation to Cryo Fluorescence Microscopy.


Laura Waller, from the Computaional IMaging Lab, UC Berkeley, on End-to-end Learning for Computational Microscopy.


Sjors Scheres, from MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology, Cambridge, on Reconstruction of Cryo-EM images of Proteins at Atomic Resolution.


More information on the EPFL seminar series in imaging.


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