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Research impact

Research on Patent Policy for AI-Generated Inventions

Researchers from U.S. and Swiss institutions have published a comprehensive study on the intricacies and potential reforms of patent systems in light of AI-generated inventions. The article is forthcoming in the Southern California Law Review.... Read more...

Improving portfolio performance and currency risk management

Urban Ulrych, currently scientific collaborator at the Swiss Finance Institute @EPFL has published a new article entitled "Sparse and stable international portfolio optimization and currency risk management" in the Journal of International Money and Finance. Read more...

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AOM editors-in-chiefs meet in Lausanne for rare European gathering

The editors-in-chief of the prestigious journals of the Academy of Management, the largest professional organization in management research with 20'000 members worldwide, convened in Lausanne on November 3rd, 2023, for their annual retreat at EPFL. Read more...

Capitalism and the planet: an impossible marriage?

During his honorary lecture, Jean-Pierre Danthine, honorary professor at EPFL and renowned economist, called for a radical change to address the consequences of climate change. His message? Let us strengthen our democracy. Read more...



Education news



Congratulations to the new graduates of our Master's programs

On October 7th, 2023, 34 students of the Master in Financial Engineering (MFE), 27 students of the Master in Management, Technology & Entrepreneurship (MTE) and 28 students of the Master in Sustainable Mangement & Technology (SMT) jointly offered by UNIL, IMD and EPFL were awarded their diplomas.


Successful graduation for the first E4S Master cohort

This pioneering program in "Sustainable Management & Technology", offered jointly by UNIL, IMD and EPFL, witnessed a remarkable moment as graduating students became alumni of all three institutions, cementing their legacy as leaders in sustainable education.


Patek Philippe Award for MTE student Sofia Bellina

Sofia Bellina, 2023 graduate in Management of Technology & Entrepreneurship, received the award for most meriting student.


Swiss Life Award and BCV Award for Academic Excellence 2023

Giovanni La Cagnina and Jiawei Chen, both graduating Master students from the Financial Engineering program received an Award for Academic Excellence.


Bridging academia and industry through a vibrant mentoring program

The Master in Management, Technology & Entrepreneurship (MTE) hosts recurring mentoring events connecting students with experienced professionals, fostering a lasting link between academia and industry.


“Learning the language of data technologies for agile operations”

Dimitris Kiritsis, Academic Director of the Executive Education in Sustainable Resilient Value Chains, points out the power of shared language around data technologies for agile and resilient operations.


Awards & nominations

  • Finalist for the 2023 George Nicholson Award for Bahar Taskesen. Read more...
  • Swiss Education Research Prize for Paula Cacault.
  • 2023 INFORMS Optimization Society Award for Wouter Jongeneel. Read more...
  • Negar Kiyavash promoted from Associate Professor to Full Professor. Read more...
  • Andrea Dunbar appointed Professor of Practice.
  • Andrés Cristi nominated Tenure Track Assistant Professor.



Meet an Alumnus


Adrien Treccani

Adrien Treccani

Adrien Treccani, 2010 Master Graduate in Financial Engineering went on to become the co-founder and CEO of Metaco, a blockchain technology provider acquired by Ripple, a US-based fintech company.





Executive education & upcoming programs



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Circular Value Networks

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Executive short program - April 2024


Resilient Value Chain Management

CAS - April 2024



Executive MBA - August 2024


Value Chain Data Technologies

CAS - October 2024