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The EPFL Center for Imaging aims to promote collaborations and cross-fertilization between EPFL's imaging labs and further strengthen EPFL’s position as a world-leading institution in imaging science.


Newsletter #2 - November 2021





Six New Interdisciplinary Projects in Imaging to be Funded in 2022 



Imaging Grants



The Call for Interdisciplinary Projects in Imaging is intended to encourage cross-fertilization and foster new developments in the vast field of scientific imaging. This year, six projects were selected among very strong submissions:


  • Connecting Imaging to Mechanical Measurements: Prof. John Kolinski and Prof. Alexandre Persat. Read More
  • Towards More Accurate Large-scale Gene Expression Profiles: Prof. Gioele La Manno and Prof. Martin Weigert. Read More
  • High-Speed Multimodal Super-Resolution Microscopy: Prof. Edoardo Charbon and Prof. Aleksandra Radenovic. Read More
  • 3D Nanoscopic Imaging of Genome Ultrastructure in Cells: Prof. Bart Deplancke and Prof. Beat Fierz. Read More
  • A More Effective 3D-Imaging System for Earth System Science and Navigation: Prof. Alexandre Alahi and Prof. Julia Schmale. Read More
  • Fast Multifunctional Microscopy for Photoelectrochemistry and Bioimaging: Prof. Giulia Tagliabue and Prof. Georg Fantner. Read More



Deep learning for bio-image analysis is now just a click away


At the instigation of the EPFL Center for Imaging, a team of engineers from EPFL and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid have developed a plugin that makes it easier to incorporate artificial intelligence into image analysis for life-science research. The plugin, called deepImageJ, is described in a paper that appeared in Nature Methods. Read more



EPFL's College of Humanities partners with the Center for Imaging


EPFL’s College of Humanities (CDH) and Center for Imaging are joining forces. Two CDH research labs will work with the Center on cross-disciplinary projects that bring together data, art and science. The CDH has also launched an artist-in-residence program for artists to conduct projects related to scientific imaging. Read More.

More information about the artist-in-residence program.


News from EPFL's Imaging Community


Social media and AI can measure the aesthetic quality of landscapes - ENAC Scientists at EPFL and Wageningen University in the Netherlands have developed a novel modeling approach for ecosystem assessments based on deep learning and millions of Flickr photos. Full article.


Optical technology can slash the energy required by AI - STI EPFL engineers are pioneering an energy-saving technology that uses fiber optics to boost the performance of supercomputers.Full Article.


LiftPose3D: Turning 2D images into 3D models - SV EPFL scientists have developed a deep learning-based method called LiftPose3D, which can reconstruct 3D animal poses using only 2D poses from one camera. Full Article.


Laser improves the time resolution of CryoEM - SB EPFL scientists have devised a new method that can speed up the real-time observation capabilities of cryo-electron microscopy. Full Article.


"Used incorrectly, algorithms and AI can waste time" - EPFL Center for Imaging. Algorithms and machine learning let scientists compare and analyze images quickly and precisely, but using them often requires advanced skills in programming. To give EPFL scientists advice on employing these tools, Dr. Daniel Sage holds regular Image Analysis Breakfasts, bringing together researchers from all disciplines. Full Article




Meet Our Imaging People #2


Imaging in Prof. Alexandre Alahi’s research




This video series presents the actors in imaging at EPFL. Our second guest is Prof. Alexandre Alahi, Head of the Visual Intelligence for Transportation Laboratory.






Seminar Series. Learn from the best.



Listen to world-renowned experts in imaging and learn about the key trends, opportunities and challenges in the field.


Next Webinar : Prof. Stéphane Mallat, Collège de France: "Modeling Deep Networks: Network Learning for Image Processing".

November 18, 2021 at 17:00

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Watch the last talk : Prof. Katie Bouman, MIT, on Beyond the First Portrait of a Black Hole.

More information on the EPFL seminar series in imaging.



EPFL Workshop on "New Horizons in MRI"


EPFL organized a 1-day workshop on ‘New Horizons in MRI’ on September 24, 2021, with the objective of drawing the picture of the current and future most important research topics in the field.

Watch the talks.



TecDay in Sion




The EPFL Center for Imaging hopes to have aroused vocations among high school students. Laurène Donati (Center for Imaging), Frédéric Courbin (observational cosmology and gravitational lensing) and Michael Liebling (computational bioimaging) presented interactive and very inspiring talks on their field of activity and profesionnal career during the TecDay on October 12 in Sion.


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