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Nov-Dec 2008

Student Residences

Upcoming events

January 27, 2009

Inauguration of Physics Museum (UNIL)

February 11-13, 2009

EPFL Latsis Symposium: Understanding Violence >>

EPFL in the news

Researchers Hack Internet Security Infrastructure

From the Washington Post, Dec 30
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Scientists find family of stress-related genes

From Swissinfo, Dec 11
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Two Robot chefs make Omelets

From, Dec 4
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Self-mending yachts: the future?

From Yachting Monthly, Nov 18
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The Healthy Skinny Pill

From the MIT Technology Review, Nov 4
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Work begins on new student residences

Ground was broken in early November for  apartments and rooms, just a stone's throw from campus, that will help ease the chronic student housing shortage in the region. More >>>

Research News


"Skinny pill" works wonders in mice

Nov 5: Professor Johan Auwerx led a study showing that mice on a high-fat diet that took a synthetically developed drug did not become obese, had reduced triglyceride, cholesterol, fasting blood glucose and insulin levels, and could run twice as far as normal mice.
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The genetics of anxiety

Dec 11: A study led by professor Didier Trono shows that family of genes involved in regulating the expression of other genes in the brain plays a critical role in helping us deal with external inputs such as stress.
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Caught in the act

Dec 12: A novel x-ray technique developed at EPFL and PSI can follow molecules during chemical reactions in real time.
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einstein cross

Is that a supermassive black hole?

Dec 15: Researchers used a foreground galaxy as a "magnifying glass" to scrutinise the inner parts of the disc around a supermassive black hole 10 billion light-years away.
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“Smart” materials for the brain

Dec 22: Research from EPFL's Laboratory of Neural microcircuitry shows that carbon nanotubes, which, like neurons, are highly electrically conductive, may be a good candidate material for use in neuroprostheses – a way to “bypass” faulty brain wiring.
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Internet security hack exposes web weaknesses

Dec 30: Using 215 game consoles, researchers succeeded in creating a rogue digital certification authority, exposing a weakness in Internet security that could allow hackers to intercept secured online transactions.
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Campus News


EPFL announces partnership with Alcan Engineered Products

Nov 13: The collaboration focuses on innovations in lightweight materials, and includes a new Alcan Engineered Products chair in Multi-Materials and Interfaces and an endowed junior professor position in 2009.
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