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March-April 2009

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May 15, 2009

Venture Ideas@EPFL>>

June 15 - July 3, 2009

IC Summer Research Institute>>

Sept 2-3, 2009

CISBAT 2009: Renewables in a changing climate>>

Sept 7-11, 2009

European Conference on Biomaterials>>

EPFL in the news


From the Detroit Free Press
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Europe to boost high-­risk research

From the Financial Times, April 22, 2009
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Simulated brain closer to thought

From BBC News, April 22, 2009
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New Joint Center on Finance

March 13: No question about it: current events have underscored our need to better understand the complicated interrelationship between economics and finance. EPFL and UNIL have risen to the challenge with a joint Center of Competence.
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Research News


Patents might not pay off

March 6: A team of researchers led by EPFL and Caltech Professor Peter Bossaerts argues that inventors are more motivated by an economy in which they can buy and sell shares of the key components of their discoveries than they are by the winner-takes-all world of patent rights.
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Taming Tuberculosis

March 20: EPFL Professor Stewart Cole is leading an effort to find new therapeutic agents to fight tuberculosis; his latest weapon, described in an article in the journal Science, targets an enzyme that the tuberculosis bacterium needs to build its cell walls.
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Flying boat launched on Lake Geneva

April 15: A close cousin to the flying boat that’s racing on the ocean in the quest to break speed records, l’Hydroptè is a floating laboratory upon which developers will test geometries and behavior in real sailing conditions.
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Campus News


Architect wins EPFL prize

Feb 4: Kazuyo Sejima, the world-renowned architect who designed the stunning Rolex Learning Center that is taking shape on the EPFL campus, was awarded the 2009 Wish Foundation Prize for her accomplishments as a woman in advancing research.


Mini-EPFL on the road

April 30: EPFL's Equal Opportunity Office has fitted out a bus as a roving laboratory; it will promote science and technology with young people as it tours the Swiss countryside.
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