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Knowledge in Organizations


Conference at Monte Verità

May 30th -- June 3rd, 2010

Ascona, Switzerland

This conference aims at strengthening the interdisciplinary dialogue between economists and management scholars on the overall topic of Knowledge in Organizations. Lectures and workshops organized will address various micro-foundations and -dimensions, and evidences on the creation, use and sharing of knowledge. The conference strongly encourages constructive exchanges between scholars focused on a broad range of topics, such as:

  • economic models for collaborative production of knowledge;
  • the analysis of detailed resource allocation processes in the area of knowledge creation;
  • process views on organizational knowledge;
  • rethinking  organizational design for efficient knowledge production and use;
  • individual motivation to share and use knowledge;
  • spillover and protection of organizational knowledge ;
  • the dynamic link between organizational knowledge creation and innovation;
  • the opportunities and limits of knowledge management systems

Invited speakers will explore the theoretical and empirical questions of the subject matter in cross-disciplinary manner, enriching the discussions and delving into details more than in a typical classroom setting. For example, building a model for the collaborative production of knowledge, and elaborating theoretical framework to understand how knowledge may be created, applied, and shared efficiently require such interdisciplinary dialogue and collaboration between economists and management scholars.

It is a high-profile forum targeting academics and scholars of two disciplines, Economics and Management, who are interested in the creation and sharing of knowledge within and between organizations.

auteur: Patrick Bays